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Technovicinity Creative Development

Chemistry and communication

Whenever you are looking to acquire a service where the completion of the customer-supplier treatment will not be immediate, ideally there is harmony and communication between the two parties. From the moment the company is contacted for a service to be covered, our dope seeks to establish bonds of trust and durability with our client. Once the process of carrying out the work is started, whether it is a web page, a design, the creation of a mobile app, the interaction to show the results will be constant. With this we seek to make the customer feel confident that the work is being done, as well as to find firsthand that what is being done is really what they want. As professionals we are willing so that once the work is done and it is done there is no complaint or disgust on the part of our client. For us a satisfied customer is essential to continue to grow as a company.

Who we are

We are a team of developers and designers looking to offer our services in these areas. We can create a website that is at the forefront within the digital world, we are also creators of mobile apps. On the other hand, we can make the best graphic designs for the aesthetics of your project, as well as logos and so on.

We are a company with more than two years in the market. You can count on our services to be of high quality, of excellent aesthetics, and delivered all in the corresponding time. We are guarantors of your satisfaction, so if you do not agree with the results, we offer the refund of your money.

We are interested in always having a smooth interaction with our customers, in this way they can see step by step the development of their order. This will help us to meet the expectations of what they request at all times.


Site of the Day, Developer of the Year: our work is recognized for its graphic & technical quality.


We know that although the word is important and highly valuable, it is not a guarantor of anything. We could assure for sure that our work is great, with eye-catching designs, easy to interact with users, fast and so on. But if there's no sign of this, there can't be any confidence that it does indeed. This is why, we let our clients judge with their own eyes some of the work we have done.

We hope that our portfolio will be attractive and satisfying enough for you to, in the first instance, make your inquiry with us about the project you are looking for to develop.

Any website design varies entirely depending on the niche to be addressed, based on the tastes of our customers and the experience of the team of designers and web developers. The same goes for graphic design, whether it's poster, images, cards, among others. Likewise, the design of the logos, since it is the essence of what the client seeks to show, will depend to a large extent on what the client is looking for.

Our Process

To start a working relationship, we recommend that you first consider our portfolio. You can then contact us by leaving a brief overview of the project. In this way, we may have the necessary requirements. All clear terms will be left, both project cost, completion time and any other points deemed necessary. Then, the project will begin to develop. The customer will be able to follow up on the work at all times. We will finish with the delivery of the work.

What Say’s my Clients

This team is excellent, they will deliver a product to meet all your demands highly recommended ive worked with many teams so definitely can tell when a team cares and delivers exceptional work. Thanks everyone who supported this project looking forward to work together in future.

Ariel Smilovici

What Say’s my Clients

This company was a pleasure to work with. They definitely over delivered. I was looking for a static web design in photoshop for presentation purposes. Instead, I was given that plus an actual demo website with full responsiveness with video. I'm very impressed. I would highly recommend them to do any design work you could imagine, whether graphically or HTML/CSS/Javascript.

Mark M

What Say’s my Clients

I have worked with Tecnocinivity for a couple of years now and their work has always exceeded mu expectations. The team always work on time and deliver the work as discussed. Planning to work with them for more years to come.

-DK Digital(Spain)
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